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Transformations issue by LMI

July 6, 2016

Over a year I have been collaborating with the London Make Up Institute in north Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. Joanna Mitakidou the make up artist and owner of this incredible team gave me the chance to take part on some Master Classes with amazing photographers and make up artists. Five different make up projects full of fashion history, inspiration and style..

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Beauty, Fashion, Photo Diaries


March 5, 2016
Just like gold, which has to weather very high temperatures to achieve the sheen and shine it finally gets, so also every person has to go through struggles in his life to achieve success.
Kailash Kher

Photos by Brezas Stavros
Makeup/hair styling – Brezas Stavros ♥

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Beauty, Fashion, Photo Diaries


May 21, 2015

“My heart is burning with love
All can see this flame
My heart is pulsing with passion
like waves on an ocean
my friends have become strangers
and I’m surrounded by enemies
But I’m free as the wind
no longer hurt by those who reproach me
I’m at home wherever I am
And in the room of lovers
I can see with closed eyes
the beauty that dances
Behind the veils
intoxicated with love
I too dance the rhythm
of this moving world
I have lost my senses
in my world of lovers”

Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi [Rumi] (1207 – 1273 / Persia)

Photos by Brezas Stavros

Concept/hair styling/makeup – Brezas Stavros
Models – Gianna Vlachou & Kostas Vidras

(Top Class International – Model Agency)

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Beauty, Fashion, Photo Diaries

I love ’60s (part 1)

April 23, 2015

Τέλη δεκαετίας ’60, μακιγιάζ επηρεασμένο από τον αρχαίο Αιγυπτιακό πολιτισμό, μεγάλα καπέλα, σκουλαρίκια, φορέματα που τονίζονται στην μέση, αυστηρές ύφος και γεωμετρικές πόζες . Και για μια ακόμα φορά ο αγαπημένος μου Σταύρος Μπρέζας μεγαλούργησε σε ένα στυλ δεκαετίας που αγαπά. Θηλυκότητα με έντονο βλέμμα και όγκο στα μαλλιά και ένα flashback στην εποχή των μεγάλων αλλαγών.

Late 60s, makeup inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization, big hats, earrings, dresses emphasized at waist, strict style and geometric poses. And once again my beloved Stavros Brezas chose a fashion decade that he loves. Femininity with intense look and hair with volume and a flash -back to the era of great changes.

Photo by Brezas Stavros
Makeup/hair/styling – Brezas S.
Model Gianna Vlachou – Top Class International