Gianna Vlachou

It’s all about life…

Everyday is an adventure and you never know how the next day will be.1800246_10203221222230322_1856072772_n
It’s so amazing how many things can happen in only one day.
How many things someone can learn in only a few hours.
And how many feelings someone can have in only a few minutes.

My name is Gianna. I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and grew up in Argos Orestiko, a small city in north-west Greece. For over 10 years now I live and work in Thessaloniki. A beautiful city in north Greece.

I stydied¬†Journalism and I am a professional model for over 8 years now. For over a year now I have my own model agency “Top Class Management”, so I m officialy a model manager as well as an amateur actress but most of all a life lover. An adventurous soul. I never stop learning, searching or discovering new things of life.

Everyday struggle, beautiful memories with people I love, fashion and lifestyle moments and breathtaking views of the world we live. These are some of the stories that someone can find inside the SassyIssue.

Welcome to my world, to my mind, to my dreams..

With love , Gianna.